Option A

This option will help you setup your existing domain name to be used for emails and replacing the www of your cu2 site.

Not using emails or no access to DNS settings?

Custom Domain

your name.cu2.nz can be changed
to e.g. www.name.co.nz

Domain Mapping Option A

Change Your Domain DNS settings
(Recommended if you already use a custom email address with that domain name)

Step 1

Log into your Domain Registrar (where you have registered your domain name) and go to your domain name settings (ask your domain name registrar for help if you cant find it). Usualy under Domain name DNS.

Step 2

Change the domain name (you want to use for your CU2 site) DNS Settings to this:

CNAME record:

A record:
AAAA record (for optional IPv6 Support):

CNAME (optional for SSL certificate)
Hostname: _acme-challenge
Record: _acme-challenge.cu2network.tempurl.host

Step 3

Use our contact form to confirm your changes and make it go live.