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Frequently Asked Qustions


What is CU2 Hosting?

Site hosting on the CU2 network, powered by WordPress, Divi, WooCommerce and a selection of plugins.


How can I get help?

CU2 Support provides you with all the recources for free and paid support services. Keep scrolling down this page for links.


What if I already have a website?

You can easily migrate your excisting WordPress website once you sign up or contact us here.

Help with the basics

When lost, find short and straight to the point videos located in the contextual Help.

We added the appropriate video tutorials to the help dropdowns on WordPress admin screens.


Find the right articles, tutorials and help videos to your activated services within your CU2 site.

Community Support

Help eachother out with common challanges and/or things you want to achieve with your wesite on CU2 Network.

Premium Support

If you are looking to hire some professional help, here are some helpful links that can help you find the right support service.

Our premium service for web design.

Find local web designers that support CU2